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The classic FC stem crown


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there plans to build frames other than the Yo Eddy?

We’re currently working on plans to develop a full line of frames / bikes in addition to the Yo Eddy including the relaunch of some iconic models from the past including the Slim Chance, Chris Cross and others.

For now though we can’t give any more specific information on what these will be or when they will be released, but as soon as we do we’ll be telling everyone via our website and social platforms so stay tuned!

Will Fat Chance offer complete bikes?

Yes we do plan on offering build kits both for KickStarter frames and production frames, and later in the year complete bike packages.

We’re currently putting together a range of build kits for the new Yo Eddy that will complement the frame and its riding characteristics. Details will be communicated to all existing customers and KickStarter backers in June, and published on our website at the same time.

Where are your frames made?

Our frames are hand made using small batch production in the USA.

Where is Fat Chance Bicycles located?

Fat Chance is currently located in Medford, OR.

How do I become an International distributor of Fat Chance?

It’s early days with the re-launch of Fat Chance and we’re focused initially on building our business in the US.

At some point we will be interested in talking to International distributors / partners, we just can’t say when this will be.

If you are interested in receiving more news on this in future please sign up for this specific mailing list that we will use to send out any details on this in future:

How do I become a dealer / retailer of Fat Chance in the USA?

It’s early days with the re-launch of Fat Chance but we’re always interested in hearing from retailers who are interested in selling Fat Chance. Our plan is to develop a very targeted network of retailers in key markets to complement sales through our own online channel.

Please contact us by email: if you are interested in our dealer program.

Do you have a showroom I can visit?

Right now we don’t have a showroom available for customers to visit but as the re-launch of Fat Chance gathers pace and our business grows we do plan to open our doors to customers for test rides, demo days and other events. Stay tuned to our website and social channels for details of this in future.

Where can I get hold of graphics for my old Fat Chance?

Graphics for old Fat Chance models are available through our decals partner SSSink: Please contact them directly for any retro graphics inquiries.

Where can I get hold of parts / frame renovations for my old Fat Chance?

Fat Chance Bicycles in its current form is a completely new company from Fat City Cycles so we do not hold any spare parts for old Fat Chance frames, or carry out any renovations / re-sprays / repairs on old Fat Chance bikes.

There are however plenty of very useful resources online with other Fat Fans who can share their knowledge and experience on repairing and renovating old Fat Chance bikes:

Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?

Fat Chance is based in California which means we are required collect taxes if the product is shipped within California. Anywhere outside of California, we do not collect sales tax.

Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes we ship both merchandise and frames internationally, shipping options relative to each specific product are shown on the Checkout page.

Right now we do not plan to sell complete bikes internationally (just frame only).

Any specific tax or import duties that result from international shipments are the responsibility of the customer to pay.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our website uses Stripe to accept secure credit card payments.

All of our products are priced in USD, Stripe will then handle any conversion to your local currency and take payment in your currency.

Where can I get a replacement fork for a vintage Fat?

We’re just making new frames and forks right now so unfortunately can’t help you out with forks for any vintage FAT’s.

But our old friend and former Fat City Cycles fork expert is still in business making all sorts of segmented forks. More info here:

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