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Production Schedule / How To Order

The list below is designed to give you an idea of what frames / bikes are available, how long they take to order, and what new models we have coming soon. This is updated weekly based on our production schedule. If you have any questions on anything below, shoot us an email to yo@fatchance.bike.
Model Name Type Description Options Price Order Status
Chris Cross 2.0 Steel CX / Gravel Bike (Disc) The new version of the Chris Cross. 4 different fork options, 3 new paint options. From $2195 Available to pre-order now. Ships in 16-18 weeks.
Yo Eddy 2.2 New PLUS size 27.7″+ / 29″ trail hardtail. The 3rd production version of Yo Eddy featuring new chainstay design for plus size tire clearance, new dropout, Boost rear spacing, and chainstay brake mount. Many! Including rigid forks, cable routing, custom paint. From $1799 Available to pre-order now. Ships in 16-18 weeks.
Slim Chance 2.0 Steel Road Bike The new version of the original Slim Chance road frame, now available with disc brakes ENVE Carbon or steel Yo Road fork.
4 color options (White, Red, Blue, Yellow). 4 brand new fade color options.
Carbon painted stem & pump options.
Choice of gear cable routing.
$2395 (Frame, fork, headset). Available to pre-order now. Ships in 16-18 weeks.
Yo Eddy 2.0 Steel 29″ & 27.5″ wheel trail hardtail. The first new batch of a Limited Edition Yo Eddy in 15 years launched via a successful KickStarter campaign. 27.5″ / 29″ wheel size.
Rigid fork .
4 stock paint options (Lavender, Grello, Black, Red).
Custom paint (KickStarter only).
Yo Eddy 2.1 Steel 27.5″ or 29″ wheel trail hardtail. The second production version of Yo Eddy, 27.5″ & 29″ wheel, featuring some minor design changes to dropout and the addition of a downtube cable routing. Same geometry and tubing selection as the production 2.0. More details here. Many! Including rigid forks, cable routing, custom paint. From $1799 Closed.

Some context on model names / numbers.

When we decided to bring back Fat Chance after a break of 15 years, we asked you what you wanted. The overwhelming majority said an updated version of the Yo Eddy was at the top of their list… so that’s exactly what we did!

The new Yo Eddy combines everything the original was known for including great handling, high quality hand made steel construction, iconic graphics & paint. But it was also time to bring Yo Eddy up to date with some of the best modern features like disc brakes, dropper seat post compatibility, direct mount front mech and aggressive trail handling designed around a modern suspension fork. 

Just to avoid any confusion between versions, we’re calling everything pre the 2015 relaunch the Yo Eddy 1.x which includes all of the classics from the 1990’s. We’re referring to our first new batch as Yo Eddy 2.0, the one after that 2.1 etc… at some point in future when there’s a major design change we’ll have a 3.0.. And for those serious Fat fans out there, these numbers have nothing to do with Serial Numbers which are explained in more detail here.

Kickstarter ‘I’m Back’ Signature Yo Eddy 2.0.

Our Kickstarter campaign which closed early in 2015 featured several versions of the Yo Eddy frame in both 27.5″ and 29′ wheel size, available exclusively to KickStarter backers. All KickStarter frames feature exclusive graphics, stainless seat tube and dropouts, custom head badge, a range of color options and some really special custom paint options. Check out our Instagram feed using the #WALLOFYO hashtag for pictures of some of these stunning frames / bikes.

We can’t express our thanks enough to everyone who backed us on KickStarter so we wanted to include some really special one-off features on these frames that are sure to make them collectors items in future. KickStarter backers also had the option to include an exclusive Yo Eddy rigid steel fork, which is not available for general sale at this point.