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The Fat COGS in all their glory, circa 1994.

All true bike nerds and nerdettes have their Internet forum of choice (think dungeons and dragons, chat rooms, online gaming, LARPing, ‘PWN’ing, etc…I mean I really want to conjure nerd imagery here). Just to name a few we have MTBR, Retrobike, bike radar, and pinkbike, oh and don’t let me forget bike forums.net. But what if I told you there was a Fat Chance Owners Group that is still very active on a variety of media outlets?

Ok, Ok, Ok – before you go laughing out about how that’s as obvious as being slain by orcrist the goblin cleaver (sword belonging to Thorin Oakenshield the dwarf, DUH), consider that some folks reading this – all two of you (hi mom)- may not have heard of Fat Cogs. If you count yourself among the former, then feel free to stop reading now and Ill see you on the forum tomorrow morning. I check the forum every day before work. Sometimes at work. For those of you who count themselves among the latter, then let me welcome you to the fat chance owners group!

Perhaps you own a handsome vintage Fat and you’re looking for advice on how to service that sticky press-fit bearing bottom bracket, or maybe you would love to replace that chewed up original decal, or maybe you’re awaiting the arrival of your shiny new Yo Eddy! 2.0 Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, Fatcogs can be a helpful and fun place to discuss all things FAT with interesting bike nerds from literally all over the world.

Anyway, all nerd jokes aside, the ‘cogs are a passionate group and really embody an authentic element of cycling and mountain bike culture. On any given day you can interact with renowned restoration builders, former FAT employees, bike industry veterans, or just plain old bike geeks. Maybe you’ll even get invited to an owners gathering, I hear Australia has a really good one! Anyway, have fun and don’t spend too much time on the forum – you may get hairy palms! See you on the ‘Cog, mannnn!

Author: Brendan Shafer

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