FAT memories from Cane Creek’s Malcolm Hadley

This blog post first appeared on the Cane Creek website, thanks to them for letting us re-post here.

In the early days; before internet, wi-fi, and social media, the infantile bicycle industry relied heavily on “word of mouth” advertising to get their message across.  Fat Chance Cycles saw the opportunity to connect with customers (and potential customers) through the newly evolving sport of mountain bike racing.


Enter Malcolm Hadley: an established bicycle motocross (BMX) racer with a keen eye for innovation and trendsetting.  Malcolm’s transition into the mountain bike world came with lots of success.  Hailing from central Florida, Malcolm and his wife Lisa served as a great link to bridge the gap between the Somerville, Mass. Fat Chance “Global Headquarters” and the quietly expanding mountain bike culture of the southeast.


Malcolm’s hardheaded, loud and proud, take it or leave it riding style meshed well with Chris Chance’s drive to provide the world with top quality, slightly off key, “kick-ass” custom bikes.  Hadley would come to be one of the first to lay down tracks on legendary trail networks such as Santos, Carolina Fatz, and Pisgah, all while turning heads on a never before seen Fat Chance.


Some of Malcolm’s bikes are currently on display at the MOMBAT bicycle museum in Statesville, North Carolina. Including this 1988 Team Fat Chance, (pictured below) which was signed by everyone from the mail carrier to the man himself “C. Chance” before the clear coat was applied.


“The Buck Shaver in the photo below, was a bike I built for my wife when we owned our bike shop, Carolina Fatz.  We had been racing on Fat Chance models for a number of years and I always had some paint scheme in mind for our Team bikes that would either send the painter off the deep end or fire them up. There were more than a few times when I would get a call from Chris Chance and company, saying this idea you have is going to be too hard to paint.”-Malcolm