Michael Derr’s ’90 Wicked.

We love hearing these stories of vintage FAT”s and how they keep inspiring you to ride! Check out these great shots of Michael Derr’s Wicked Fat Chance from 1990. Send us your Vintage Ride together with it’s story and some photos to yo@fatchance.bike

“I was an avid rider and huge FAT fan in my teens.  After recently hearing that Chris Chance is back in the business, I went online to check out your web site. The new bikes look great!  You’ve inspired me to get back on my rigid Wicked and hit the trails. 

I bought the frame and fork over 20 years ago after seeing a classified ad in Dirt Rag.  Judging by the serial number, I think it was built in 1990 or 1991.  I was in high school when I bought it, so my budget didn’t allow me to trick it out with suspension.  I’m glad I didn’t.  This bike is the best handling and climbing bike I’ve ever ridden! 

During my long hiatus from riding, the bike was stored under a plastic tarp in the basement.  About 10 years ago, I got the riding bug and pulled it out of storage.  Of course, it needed new tires (the shop still had 26s), pads, and rear cantilever brakes (the old Onzas broke and the shop replaced them with the only pair of cantilevers they had.)  I rode it for a while, but life got in the way again.  So, back in storage it went.  Now after hearing your story, I dusted the bike off and started riding again.  Thank you for your inspiration!  I look forward to many more rides on my Wicked!”

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