The New Yo Eddy Is On The Way

As many of you already know, we attended Interbike 2014 in Las Vegas. Our goal was to spread the word about the resurrection of Fat Chance Bicycles and connect with friends, old and new, in the bike industry. We are so humbled by the outpouring of support and enthusiasm we received from everyone we encountered at Interbike. We want to thank everyone from industry players like Dave Earl (Praxis Works), Andrew Herrick (Intense Cycles), Charlie Kelly, Joe Breeze (Breezer Bikes), the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in Fairfax and to the hundreds of Fat Chance fans who took the time to share their insights, stories and general good will. Interbike was a huge success and inspiration. Thank you!

Since Interbike, we have been analyzing the outpouring of feedback we received through the website, social media channels, phone calls, and personal meetings. Thousands of Fat fans have provided their input on what they would like next Yo Eddy to be and we are excited to announce the results.

The new 2015 Fat Chance Yo Eddy votes were tallied and, to no surprise, the majority of you wanted a steel trail bike. However, wheel size was split down the middle between 27.5” and 29”. So, instead of choosing one over the other, we are going to produce both. The first round of limited edition frames are going to be a steel Yo Eddy with trail geometry, your choice of 27.5” or 29” wheels, plus modern updates like disc brake mounts,  tapered head tube and 142mm x 12 / 15 QR axle systems.

There has been some great press coverage about the relaunch of Fat Chance and the release of a new Yo Eddy. Please see the links below to a few of the articles.

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We are currently in the process of designing the frames and setting up production. The first round of frames will be available directly from Fat Chance. We apologize to all of the dealers who have already reached out to us, this is going to be a short run and we will have bikes for dealers in the very near future. Please stay tuned for more information about the new Yo Eddy and how you can get yours.

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  1. Chris

    Please, make them with sliding dropout, for SS and IGHs. Paragon makes interchangable 142mm and 135mm dropouts for sliding frame mounts. These are more optimal for IGHs and SS, and may enable also 650+ in an outer position and 650 regular in an inner position.

  2. Paco Siffredi

    Hi guys, how did the fatbike stack up in the vote? Close enough to make the todo list?
    I’ll happily put off buying anything now for this coming year if a Monster Fat is somewhere in the plans.
    …once you work out that 29″ trail bike, if you space out the stays another 55mm to 197mm, & pop a 100mm BB shell in there, you’ve pretty much got the high quality production fat bike everyone’s been waiting for. Everything on the market is either marked-up Chinese junk or $10,000 customs, with a big gap in between.

    Chris Iglehart would even be happy to make updated B1″ forks for em. …I checked. 🙂
    Thanks! P

  3. Big J

    I think those of us that already have a fat chance in our own personal collection should have the opportunity for the first run of bikes.

  4. Any chance you guys will make some parts for old YOs? I have an old big 1″ that I’d like to replace with a newer big 1″ – so I can raise my stem a little higher; Unfortunately the bike shop that cut it for me back in the 90s left very little room to do that…

  5. One more question. Will you also offer refurbishing services? I know my YO could use some TLC; A good once over, new paint, decals, etc. Would be great if Papa YO did the work on it 😉

  6. Brandon

    Settle down Big J, just cause you have a Fat now doesn’t make you more special than other kids out there – maybe since you already have one (and a collection of other bikes you mention), perhaps those that don’t own a Fat now should get the first run? Lets just be excited that Chris is back and see what he has to offer, this is great!

  7. Eric Heinrich

    Why not make the yo! a 27.5″ race geometry bike and the 29er a trail bike and call it the Wicked Big?

  8. Big J

    Ok Ok….lets not start any riots over bikes. Bottom line we all need to be thankful that Chris Chance is building bikes again. I guess we all really want to know if there is any type of time frame when they will be ready for purchase. Chris please let us know…I am stashing my money away for a new Fat.

  9. Rob

    I would like to know how do you get your name on the list for ordering a frame? Also are you gonna give the option for a non inter grated head tube? How about cost of these frames? I look forward to seeing these new frames!!!

  10. Jazzy G

    That is AWESOME to hear! Can you promise that you will offer a rigid fork as well? Gotta stay CLASSY… Need to get on that buyer’s list…

  11. Eleanor

    I dearly hope you’re able to make one in the old 10″ size…I’d love a new steel frame. Also if there are any future plans for a titanium.

  12. Corey

    Hey Chris and company, I’ve been waiting a long time to say welcome back! Figured you would someday jump back into the business and Yo! you sure are doing it in a big way! We carried all your bikes from ’88 through at least ’96 or ’97 at Maxim Cycles in Denver, and I’m sure you remember Drew Clark the owner and really huge Fat fan (like us all at the shop)
    I had the incredible opportunity to ride every Fat we had in our demo fleet just about any time the bikes were available. And I took full advantage of that perk. So in a way I had my own stable of Fats- the original Fat Chance (Drew’s personal ride), Wickeds, Monsters, Yo’s, Shockabillies! and I was even given one of your Slims to build up and ride for a year! Did I leave any model out? And I remember the privilege of meeting you a couple times at Interbike and your visit to the shop in Denver once upon a time- can’t remember the exact year. So enough of the old time banter. After being out of the fray for about as long as you, I’ve jumped back in, this time heading up the service department of Denver’s only Community non-profit bike shop, The Bike Depot. Not shamelessly soliciting any product or deals from you, but a simple and honest request for dealer consideration. I don’t know who in the Denver area has expressed an interest to represent the new Fats and The Bike Depot would be most likely a fairly small dealer at least until the word got out. Strangely enough, the Depot has a unique customer base- first time and longtime cyclists who are embracing this new wave bicycling culture and lifestyle, and are seeking out bike shops that are way down to earth, no hype, value and quality conscious. And they dig old school bikes, the simplicity and just plain old fun of just riding! I’ve even had some of my old customers (and Fat owners) from Maxim Cycles (which, sadly, is no longer) drop in and become our customers just because we can relate to them in a way I guess some of the new smooth hipster shops can’t. So I feel Fat Chance and the Depot could be a pretty complementary and comfortable fit. I would surely like to initiate the dealer process and if you all think it would be in your interest to pursue it, then let me know what I need to do on my end to proceed. Whoa! Sorry I got a little long-winded but that’s partly from the excitement of seeing the rebirth of the true spirit of just riding a bike!
    Thanks very much for your consideration and once again great to have you back, and best of luck with the new/old Fat Chance!

    Corey White

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