Thank You Fat Fans

Thank you to the fanatics, collectors, riders and owners. We thought a few enthusiasts might get excited about Fat Chance Bicycles returning to the market. However, we had no idea it would explode on and social media before the any official announcements were made or the new website even launched. You caught us with our bike shorts down. Nice work!

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback so far, I sincerely appreciate your input. Your comments really help validate my desire to bring Fat Chance back. It has been almost 15 years since we manufactured our last run of bikes, but the time has come to relaunch Fat Chance Bicycles. I feel some of my most creative ideas are still to come.

I am planning on producing a limited batch of our most popular bike, the Yo Eddy! I have decided to start by resurrecting an updated version of Yo Eddy for the fans and collectors who continue to share my passion for those bikes today.

I want to dedicate the first run of frames to the die hard Fat fans and engage you as a part of the design process for the first Fat 2.0 bike. Your input will influence what the first limited run of bikes will be. If you have not already shared your thoughts, please do so now.

For those of you trying to reach out to me, please send me an email via the form on our contact page. Things are getting crazy already, so I will get back to you as I can. Thank you again for your love and support, I am so excited to be back.

If you are feeling nostalgic, check out some of the links below.

From Charlie Kelly featuring an Interbike brochure “The Pioneers of Mountain Biking”, from 1991. It was produced by Allan Seymour and is a great artifact.

Catalogs, adverts, interviews and reviews on RetroBike

A cool story from our old friends at Ibis Bicycles

Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

Thank you!
Chris Chance

7 Responses

  1. phil

    Fantastic news – 22 years since I bought my Yo in Durango whilst on holiday from Scotland, then bumped into Chris next day at the Norba event at Purgatory – where of course, I got the t-shirt signed. Loved that bike, and the Wicked I’d also bought previously.

    Would be incredible to see the black-eyed mohawked maniac adorning a new Fat Chance for the 21st century. Everyone will have their own opinion about how he should shape up, but happy to put my faith in Chris. Fat Chance bikes were cutting edge back in the day and pretty sure the new Yo will take everything learned in the years since he’s been away. Green and flouro pink colour scheme is a must though! 😀

    Very best of luck with this Chris, fantastic to have you back

  2. michel

    i nearly ordered a i.f. in aquacade last year..i didn’t think it was right so didn’t order anything, i still have the mulla (-:
    i had a fat ti it was on the small side for me, i traded it on the moots ybb i sold to a fella, man i could/t believe how nice it was it felt stiff and fast yett comfy but it dint fit me all that well, prior to that i had had a white yo eddy it was an xl ( i believe that what they where called) i remember me and a friend of my looking at it in a summer in the back yard its was a stunner, i needed some dollar for a plane ticket and had to let it go, sold it to a guy in germany who emailed me months later telling me that the bakeshop he went to tried to cut threads in the bb shell in order to fit a threader bb, even tho it was sold with a complete bb.
    i never get tired of the look of the yo eddy’s, the near horizontal top tube, the over size but not beercansize tubing, the lustres pain job…
    i read you are going to kick of where you left it ? it made me wonder, are you kicking of at the point of state of the art racing bikes, or steel / titanium us made hardtails …who knows, i am just dead excited, have already voted multiple times and just can’t wait, i want one (at least one as a bare minimum !
    welcome back, we missed you !

  3. rick

    hey Cool News Chris!
    I think I got one of the last Yo!’s you built when you were in Glens Falls.
    I’m still shredding it up out there on the best frame ever!
    That bike has saved my life a million times!
    I still have the “Hair on Fire” poster, framed an on the wall over the FAT.
    I’m relocated to New Mexico now from NH and the Yo has seen the likes of some of the best of the west from Moab to Sedona and all around!
    Keep me posted!

  4. Dear Chris,

    really, really fantastic news… now it’s 23 years ago when I first heard about a bike which called Yo Eddy! In September 1991 I read the test of a grello Yo! in the german bike magazine – the testers called it the best bike they’ve ever ridden! For me it was love on first sight – but I have to say that I hadn’t the money at that time :-(. As I had the money, Fat City Cycles closed their doors – so sad! Many years later, exactly in July 2012 I got my first FAT – a 1993 Titanium (099T3M) – a dream came true! I can’t express, what it means for me to own a FAT! I spend one year to rebuild the bike step by step only with components made in 1993 up to 1995… and I still love the result very much! Now I can’t believe that I’ll get my second to chance to buy a brand-new Yo Eddy! Can’t wait to place my order…

    Much success to you with FAT CHANCE 2.0!!!


  5. Steve Smith

    Great news. I still am the proud owner of my Wicked purchased in 1990. I loved it so much I had a local builder here in Santa Cruz build me a steel ’29er version of it. Where do I go to get in line for my next bike?


  6. Kris Sonderup

    Hey Fat Dudes!
    I would love to have a Yo in a bitch’n Rasta
    paint job. It would complement my Red/Yellow
    Fat Chance that I got from you guys in 97/98.
    We were a dealer back then , and would LOVE
    to carry them again. Please keep me in mind
    For my Rasta Yo!

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