Making the Rounds

I have been out of the bike scene for what seems like a long time. So much has changed during my hiatus, but most of what I love about bikes is still alive and well. My excitement is growing every day the resurrection of Fat Chance Bicycles progresses. I have closed the previous chapter of my life and am now focusing 100% of my time and energy on designing and building bikes. It really feels good!

I intend to have the first round of Fat Chance frames ready for delivery in the first half of 2015. To that end, I will be networking and assembling the team and resources I need to bring new bikes to market.

On October 4th, 2014 I attended a stop on the Meet Your Maker Tour hosted on October 4th, 2014 by Paragon Machine Works. The event was held at China Camp State Park, one of my favorite local trails located along the shore of the San Pablo Bay. The Meet Your Maker Tour is a killer event that invites cyclists to ride and hang out with some of Northern California’s best bicycle frame builders and component makers. I got to rub elbows with fellow makers including Sean Walling of Soulcraft, Curtis Inglis of Inglis/Retrotec Cycles, Alec White of White Industries, Todd Ingermanson of Black Cat Bicycles, John Castellano of Castellano Designs, Robert Ives of Blue Collar Bikes, Cameron Falconer of Falconer Cycles, and most of the Paragon crew. I had a chance to compare notes and picked some valuable insights from this knowledgable group.

The following weekend we had a beautiful day at Biketoberfest in Fairfax, California, the “Birthplace of the Mountain Bike”. Biketoberfest is a celebration of bikes, music, food and beer that draws all types of cyclists, including commuters, roadies, mountain bikers, BMXers, fixies, cargo-carriers, e-bikers, touring aficionados and even the bike-curious. I saw old friends like Charlie Kelly, Joe Breeze and Otis Guy from the Marin Museum of Cycling, (that will have the Mountianbike Hall of Fame within). It’s always good connecting with them, especially when talking about the new museum. It sounds like it will be opening soon. Check out Charlie Kelly’s new book Fat Tire Flyer: Repack and the Birth of Mountain Biking. It’s a great read and filled with great pics.

I made some great connections with diehard Fat Fans. I saw a couple of Wicked Fats that left our shop in the 1980’s. It’s so great for me to see them still being ridden and especially to shake the hands of the happy owners.

I had a great time at Biketoberfest 2014 and am looking forward to next year.

I will be attending as many cycling events and shows as my schedule will allow. Keep an eye out for the Fat Chance crew at the next bike gathering. I hope to see you there.

Chris Chance

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  1. John Brooks

    Siiiiiick ! Love it, so cool your back man. We missed you and hope to get on one of your new rigs soon!

  2. Ballard Edwards

    I haven’t seen you since The Fat Cogs weeek-end at the farm. Had a incredible time despite dying like a dog on the long climb up the local mountain. I’ve been riding my Chris Chance all over NYC and upstate (Nyack). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten compliments and some want to take a picture. On route 9W a guy slowed down his car to give his approval.
    Speaking of bike festival, I went to the Bike Culture Show in Brooklyn. Innovative, fun, and mouth watering bike from some high art companies.

  3. Maurice van Beek

    I’m a great fan of yours. Hopefully the new 29 steel yo eddy will come quick and of corse in steel. I’m looking forward to see and order the frame. Please keep me updated.

    Kind regards,

    The Netherlands

  4. Jürgen Faller

    It is great that a cult bicycle producer comes back. I have had a Monster Fat for more than 20 years absolutely without problems. Perfect!

    My best wishes for a successful new start.


  5. Fantastic to hear that you’re back, Chris! I rode my ’85 Fat almost 40 miles in the snow yesterday, and it was great. I hope your come-back is so wildly successful that you recreate the Slim Chance, as well, or, even better, create a performance-oriented smooth trail / fire road, drop bar bike. The perfect D2R2 machine, in steel or Ti.

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