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KickStarter Questions

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Fat Chance Bicycles KickStarter Campaign. Our KickStarter campaign is less than a week old and we are over half way to our funding goal. Our KickStarer goal of $116,000 is the bare minimum we need to get the first run of frames built. We are hoping to exceed our goal so that we can produce a wider range of sizes and variations on this first run of frames. We have received many questions and comments and want address the most common concerns here.

Just like they always have been, the frames will be hand built and manufactured in the USA by Chris Chance. Because we are in “start up” mode and do not currently have our own manufacturing facility, we are partnering with a third party shop to help us manufacture the frames. As before, Chris Chance will be heavily involved in manufacturing the frames from beginning to end, so rest assured, these frames will have quality level and characteristics you expect from Fat Chance Bicycles.

The 2015 Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance frames are designed to accommodate 120mm/130mm travel suspension forks.

Some of you have asked if we will be producing a rigid Yo Eddy fork. We want to make rigid forks right away, but it is going to depend on how many frames are ordered in this first run. Suspension corrected rigid forks for 29ers would have to be overbuilt to overcome their extremely long length, so we will not produce them. When we produce a rigid fork for a 29er, we will need to produce 29er frames that are not suspension corrected to match the fork. So we will need a sufficient number of rigid fork and frame orders for it to make sense right now.

Frame Sizing
For this first run of frames, we are currently planning on making three sizes in each of the 27fiver and 29er models.
27fiver – Small, Medium and Large
29er – Small, Medium, Large and Extra-large
If we get enough orders, we will most likely expand the size options.

We are still exploring our options with paint. Paint has changed a lot over the years and the techniques we used to use to paint frames is no longer legal in California. We will release paint colors once we have selected the technique we are going to use.

Additional Models
As we did in the past, we will be making other models, but not until we complete and deliver this first batch. We have not decided which of our classic models we will bring back, but we are taking notes and will ask for input as soon as we are ready. We have had a lot of fans ask us to build a “fat” bike, so that may be the next model we release.

Single Speed Compatibility
We will most likely make single speeds in the future, but this first version will NOT be single speed compatible.

Please remember that we have not manufactured frames in nearly 15 years and that Fat Chance Bicycles is currently in “start up” mode. We are using the funds we receive from our Fat Chance Bicycles KickStarter Campaign as seed capital to resurrect the company. We remain committed to the level of quality and attention to detail that created the legacy that Fat Chance Bicycles has today. We sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to building awesome frames that last a lifetime.

Thank you again for your support,
Chris Chance


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