Fat Chance is Back!

Plans Are In The Works To Design And Build Limited Edition Yo Eddy

After a nearly fifteen year hiatus from the bike building scene, legendary bike builder Chris Chance is resurrecting Fat Chance Bicycles. Plans are currently in the works to bring back the Yo Eddy! The “Yo” rises out of the ashes as a beacon of hope for the leagues of Fat Chance devotees who, up until now, have only dreamed of seeing a new bike from Fat Chance.

Chris has launched a new website (http://www.fatchancebicycles.com) and is soliciting fan input on the design of an ultra limited run of Fat Chance “Yo Eddy” frames. Fat Fans are encouraged to visit the website and complete a brief survey to let Chris know what type of frame they would like built. Fan input will help determine the next Yo Eddy!

Is it steel, titanium, aluminum or carbon fiber construction? Does it have 26”, 27.5” or 29” wheels? Chris is soliciting input from fans, so cast a vote and help us deliver the Yo Eddy of your dreams!

The Yo Eddy is one of the most iconic and collectable mountain bikes of the 80’ and 90’s and continues to have a cult-like following today. Fat Chance fans have dreamed of a new bike for decades and it looks like those dreams may finally come true.

Keep an eye out for Chris Chance at upcoming bike industry events like Interbike (September 10-12, 2014), handmade bike shows and other cycling events where he will be gathering input from Fat Chance fans.

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  1. Bob Chaisson

    So glad FAT is back!! Still have most of my FAT gear though i did trade my ti yo and steel yo to Davis Carver at Bikeman. I still have my monster fat. Cant wait to hear more!

  2. Uzzy

    Where are you going to manufacture? New England I hope just don’t sell out to china or out of the states it will kill your comeback and make your product devalue as well as hurt the vintage fat cycles underground. It’s with mixed emotion about your comeback. Chris you didn’t leave on good terms I hope you don’t repeat your history in that regard, however I’m excited to ride a new fat chance again and let the past stay there. The cycling world has changed a lot I hope you have too- Uzzy ( an old New England mt biker from days gone bye)

  3. Mike

    what ever you do make the the bike out if metal, steel or titanium. please. I would love to see the steel made out of 853 reynolds if possible.

    My monster fat was stolen years ago, but I loved that bike and would love to get another fat city.


  4. Peter Bridge

    Steel. Fully rigid. Cantilevers. Light. Nimble. 650 for compromise and for one nod to contemporary fashion.

    I wish you the very best.

  5. Craig Morlang

    Awesome!!!! Bought my first FAT from Riding Gears in NJ in 1989 – a Black Monster (Wicked Frame). Still have it. Since then I’ve purchased eight more FATS on ebay and have re-built them for riding – literally bringing them back from the dead. Welcome Back Chris! If you get down into Schoharie County, NY I will show you a ride through the Burnt Rossman State Forest that will make your day. My buds from Burlington VT make the trip down just for it. Off to the Kingdom Trails this weekend with four FATS in tow. And as for the Frame — Steel, all the way.

  6. Eleanor

    I bought one of the only yo Betty 10″ bikes in Australia… Quad butted cromoly. It got stolen and 10 years later a friend found it at the tip shop spray painted black with the brake bosses ground off. Needless to say I got it back, had it re sprayed in its original (or as close as) colour and tried to fix the brake bosses.
    I would dearly love a titanium 10″ yo Betty to go with my titanium Serotta .. Another company that has gone out of business. I’ve thought about getting an IF but an original fat chance would be the bees knees
    Just let me now how to get one!

  7. Fat Chance Bicycles

    We really appreciate all of your feedback and we hear you loud and clear. We just got back from Interbike 2014 and will be announcing our plans for the first round of bikes will be soon. Thank you!

  8. Big J

    Hurrying up and get building, and for those of us that still have our fat chances we deserve a discount when you build us our new one!!!!!!!

  9. Phil

    oooo…this is cruel. After all these years, I finally reached a point where I was happy with the bikes I own (including a 1993 Yo Eddy). Now it looks like I have to buy one more…!

    Titanium 29er please!

  10. BOSTON

    I really hope you dont allow yourself to be talked into making something crazy outta carbon with disk brakes etc.
    I think you should keep it CLASSY and CLASSIC. American made Steel- maybe make the tubing a bit fat like older cannondales or kleins, since even they have stopped making fat tube bikes- And since there are TONS of people copying the Yo Fork, Throw a spin on that as well! I cannot wait for what you come up with and hope if i like it i can get my hands on one! GOOD LUCK! Keep it USA MADE hopefully even Boston- They got Geekhouse Cycles down the South Boston waterfront at the “Inovation district” FAT CITY should be next down there!

  11. Esteen

    I have a Monster Fat Chance SS# 016M2M, one owner myself. Has a Judy shock that’s paint monster green. I need to sale my beloved bike to help pay medical bills. If you know any one that would be interested please let me know.


  12. Neil

    Had a wicked team issue with box crown fork, GP Wilson dropouts, painted team violet! Sold it! What an idiot!!!!!

  13. TomCat

    While working for $3.35/hr at a tiny disruptive bike shop in Long Island, I bought a 1991 wicked Fat, rigid, red/yellow fade. Singlespeed conversion. It is still the most badass riding bike I have ever had.
    So glad that you are getting back in the game Chris. Fat City was a beacon of underground and leading edge design and production when you had your first heyday. I hope you get to repeat that self directed success.
    Let me know if I can help. I sent my and drawn resume to you in 1992. I suppose you still have it?

    Tom Martin

  14. Chaka

    What’s new is old again. The geometry
    Of my bike(wicked & yo) still works as of
    This morning. Whatever you build stay
    With steel. I dare say most all of us that
    Still ride these are not going to benefit
    From a little weight savings. At 25 maybe
    At 45 not so much. Just build sumthin
    With a larger steerer so replacing a fork
    Is a little easier. I look forward to the new

  15. Dave

    Steel or Ti or aluminum, I’d buy any. I was a poor high schooler working in a bike shop when I got to setup some Fat City bikes, really beautiful, art, they rode like a dream. Years later I went to buy a new one…and the company was gone. I’d love a 27.5 or 29…or even a fat bike. I’m just sorry I missed out on owning one the first time around. Good Luck!

  16. Ballard Edwards

    Love my bike so much, and it’s so much fun to have cars slow down on rt 9W to compliment me. I even have some who ask to take a picture of my “Cherry Love” confection. The real deal is steel.

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