Chris’ Blog: Yo Eddy goes to Sea Otter.

Here’s the latest on the design front at Fat Chance Bicycles. Check out our new 29er frame in the WTB at the Sea Otter Classic this weekend (April 16 – 19). It features a bent seat tube, front derailleur mount and some cable routing changes. 


What’s with the bent seat tube? I love the quick handling of short chainstays. We’ve always had them. Since day one. They accelerate better, climb better and the rear wheel in close gets you through corners quicker. To maintain the short chainstays on the 29er, we went for the bent seat tube. 


The minimal bend in the seat tube fits in with my usual design approach; doing just enough for what makes minimal, clean design. We’ve got the tire clearance we need and the seatpost doesn’t get angled way back (exaggerating the effect of the seat angle as the saddle is raised higher). It’s bent just enough. This design will be used on the Kickstarter bikes (in stainless steel) and after (in 4130 True Temper steel). 


We also changed the cable routing to use full housing (we were almost there before with only split guides on the top tube for the derailleurs). We added a direct mount front derailleur and now run the front derailleur cable down the down tube (as with the dropper post housing) and kept the rear derailleur and brake housing on the top tube. This cable arrangement looks and works better. 


A quick note on head tubes: The red 27fiver pictured on our website, in our brochure and here at Sea Otter, has a prototype tapered head tube that we won’t be using anymore. All Yo Eddys will come with a wider head tube like the one on the Grello 29er (takes a 44mm headset top and bottom).


I’m stoked about the next big step for FCB: the start of frame production, happening first with the Kickstarter frames soon. And production frames are now available for pre-order on the website with delivery in the summer.  

 Yo Eddy 27.5 Feature Group 1

5 Responses

  1. Darren


    I am close to pulling the trigger on a frame, but I am a little confused by the headtube. It is designed around a tapered headtube, right? What’s the maximum tire size I can fit in the frame?

  2. Yo Eddy

    Both frames are designed to fit at least a 2.3″ tire. With regards the head tube, the production Yo Eddy has the wider non tapered version that’s on the Yellow prototype, and not the heavily tapered one that featured on the Red prototype we showed at NAHBS. Hope that’s clears it up!

  3. Darren

    Sorry, I said headtube but I meant stearer. Does the frame takes a tapered stearer or a straight stearer. Would also love to see some pics with a 2.4 rear tire if you have any. Thanks again!

    -Darren Giordano
    Ogden, Utah

  4. Yo Eddy

    Hi Darren, the frame is designed around a 1.5″ tapered steerer to be compatible with current suspension forks.

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