Chris’ Blog: What next for Yo Eddy?

Hey Fat Friends! It’s been a great relaunch, thanks so much for your continued patience & support! I am super stoked to see the pics and comments we’ve received from some you who have been riding your new bikes. Please keep ’em coming! I’ve been quiet on the blogging side the past few months as there’s been so much work to do on these frames, but i’m hoping to check in here once a month from now on.

I’ll bet you’re all wondering what’s happening at Fat as we come down the home stretch of our first run of Yo’s. First up, I have a few more weeks of work to ship the remaining frames from the first batch. Next, we’re excited to be taking all we’ve learned and dreamed of into our plans for more Yo Eddy production in the coming months.

There will be a few details that will change in the forthcoming bikes, I love the challenge of finding ways to improve on what we’ve done. I’ve been getting input and feedback from what we’ve done so far and chewing on some ideas. One the top priorities is finding ways to speed up our delivery time while maintaining our commitment to the standards we’re known for, so we’re working on some improvements on the production side that will do this.

As far as the product spec goes here’s a bit of what I’m chewing on right now: a new FAT designed dropout that will give single-speed-adjustability and bolt-on cable clamps. These will help our production efficiency and save some weight. The cable clamps will also make it easier for a variety of cable routing configurations. And before you ask, there won’t be any rigid forks on the next batch! That was an exclusive just for the KickStarter program.

We’ll have more details on spec, pricing and ordering in the coming months, and we’re also working on a pre-order program for those of you that want to commit early (with some added benefits from doing so!). We’ll be posting updates, so be sure to check in here on the website or via our newsletter.

Stay tuned for news about Fat at the Sea Otter Classic! Hope to see you there!