Chris' Blog: Getting Close To Finished Product!

I know that for many of you it’s been a long wait for the first new Yo Eddy! frames in over 15 years. I’ve had my head down concentrating on production for the past few months, so wanted to take a quick break and update you all on exactly where we are as we get to the final stages of this first batch of frames.

Getting these bikes built has been like having a baby. It’s taken nine months plus. In planning the delivery of the frames, it’s fair to say we mis-called the schedule. I didn’t allow enough time to produce and set up all of the proprietary jigs and tooling we needed. All the jigs that we have bought or made need to be dialed in for them to do exactly what we made them for. The jig list is way long and the setting up of each jig has taken longer than I expected. But it’s all absolutely essential to get the quality right, and ensure future production happens much faster.


In the old Fat City Cycles, we were always tweaking and improving our jigs and fixtures. It was an ongoing process of continual improvement. Today, we’re having to start almost from scratch, to build bikes to that same high standard. I’m not in this to do the job part way. I am only willing to do it right. And so, I am very grateful for your patience. I know the wait will be well worth it!


With the majority of rear triangles all now welded on, we have a few more to finish this week before the final stretch! Adding the last few braze-ons, checking alignment on all frames and final QC of the welds on every single frame and fork before the first frames get powder coated in the coming weeks. We’re also excited to see some unique custom paint for some of our KickStarter backers.


Stay tuned for more updates, and some great looking photography very soon of finished frames!

Chris Chance.



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