The Serious Business Of Serial Numbers

For many FAT fans out there Serial Numbers are a serious business. Like a secret code known only by true aficionado’s they provide a unique insight into the history, value, prestige and more of many vintage Fat Chance bikes. Much has been written, discussed and debated about Fat Chance serial numbers on MOMBAT, Fat Cogs and Retrobike.


With our first batch of new Yo Eddy frames nearing completion, and serial numbers having recently been added we wanted to give you a little more insight into the new serial number methodology:

A = Year of construction, in this case 2015. Why A you may ask? By using a single letter it saves on characters in the serial number as a whole (so A instead of 2015, B for 2016 and so on), we thought it was only right given the relaunch of Fat Chance to start from the beginning at A.
Y = Model of bike, in this case Yo Eddy. We’ll be adding to this as and when we develop new models.
9 or 7 = Wheel size, 9 for a 29er, 7 for a 27.5.
S, M, L or X  = Frame size (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large).
001, 002 and so so. = The sequential number of the frame in the batch (regardless of wheel size).
S = Kickstarter limited edition frames with a Stainless seat tube and dropouts.
R = Kickstarter 29er frames built around a Rigid fork.



3 Responses

  1. Tom Horvath

    Hi There
    I don’t know where to go for information.
    I have a Eddy Merckx’s 1974-1976?
    Orange, all original.
    531 tubing sticker on frame
    campy drop out
    campy headset
    wraparound rear stays to seat post
    Everyone has said its not worth the work to restore its only a falcon.
    But does a falcon have campy dropouts?
    Where do i go the verify this bike
    Thank You
    Tom Horvath