New Website Features.

Over the past few months in addition to working hard on getting all of the KickStarter rewards out and preparing for the start of frame production we’ve been working on some changes to our website. As you can see these have just gone live so we wanted to give an overview of the changes, let you know what else is in the pipeline and more importantly get your feedback on these and any other improvements you’d like to see in future. Please add any comments to the thread below.

Website Changes – June 29th 2015:

  • Visual refresh. We decided to give the website a minor visual refresh (while keeping the site structure largely unchanged), hopefully you’ll agree that the bolder, simpler visual look is a big improvement, and something we’ll continue to develop in future.
  • New domain. We decided to move to the domain name instead of, as its shorter and much easier to remember! The old domain will continue to work and redirect automatically to In addition all of our emails including our support email ( will follow the same format.
  • Payment Gateway Changes. We moved away from PayPal to Stripe which provides a number of advantages, the most important of these is that it keeps the payment process within the same web page (and does not requiring you to go to a 3rd party site to compete payment). It also removes the need to create a PayPal account.
  • Change in hosting provider. We decided to move to a different 3rd party hosting provider to give us better performance and ability to scale in future.

Future enhancements we’re already working on / planning for:

  • Improved responsiveness and presentation of the site on mobile devices.
  • Improved product pages; enhanced product information including additional photography, enhanced geometry table, explanation of product features.
  • Expanded history section; including an archive of vintage Fat Chance bikes.