Ben’s Purple Rigid Yo Eddy 29er

Benjamin Gutschik was one of our lucky KickStarter fully rigid Yo Eddy 29er customers, taking his inspiration from a classic Lavender Yo Eddy he explains the lengths he went to to get the perfect build!

My plan was to build it up using a good mixture of old school and new school parts. The main focus should be on the frame, so I planned to get only clean and black components. Also I wanted to use the brands I loved 20 years ago. 

There’s this thread on the german bike board about Fat Chance, and I loved the look of this old school yo eddy: 


So I tried to stick to it… 

I always liked the Flite titanium (even more than the turbo) so that was one of the first items on the list.  

Then I tried to get a new Syncros stem, bar and seatpost – and then I found out that ever since Scott bought Syncros the parts aren’t as cool anymore.. 


I found the Thomson stem too powerful, as well as the Race Face stems and bars – so I bought a Syntace Megaforce 2 and a carbon vector 20mm riser bar: clean, light and very functional.

Next I found the pink sensus grips at my local dealer, but it turned out that the pink color did not go well with the lavender. I remembered that Tomac once rode a Fat Chance and I knew there once were those lavender Tomac grips. Fortunately a guy from France was selling a sealed pair on ebay, cost me about 35 euros, but what the heck.

Then I got Tune King/Kong hubs with Ryde Trace trail rims, of course I removed all the annoying decals on them and the Onza skinwalls completed the wheels. 

Formula The One brakes were already there, waiting for the next bike – they were black and clean, perfect. 

Even though back in the day we were all riding Shimano – I decided to go with the SRAM X01 here, it’s black (even the cassette) and it’s lighter than the XT. Last but not least there was the cranks.. I had an almost new 1x Cannondale hollowgram crankset in my garage, I tried them – but it didn’t look right. 

The other crankset I had was a very used Sram XX1. In this condition I surely couldn’t add them to my beautiful brand new yo eddy! So I thought why not add a final touch.. and I designed a few different crank decals, then I removed the original SRAM decals, sanded them, put the new decals on them, clearcoat, polish and 3M tape. et voila! 


And there it was, waiting for it about 20 years, my first brand new yo eddy 🙂

It’s 10.8 kg light, it’s steel, it’s old school and it’s new school. my perfect bike for my after work ride:  “feierabendrunde” – as we call it here in Germany.

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Full Specification:

Frame Fat Chance Yo Eddy 29er XL Team purple
Headset Chris King InSet™ 7 black
Fork Fat Chance Rigid Team purple
Stem Syntace Megaforce 2 31.8mm, 60mm, 6°
Spacer NoName
Bars Syntace Vector Carbon High 20 8° 780mm
Bar end plugs Hope Grip Doctor black
Grips ATI Tomac Translucent Lavender
Seatpost Rock Shox Reverb Stealth 125mm, 30,9mm x 380mm
Seatpost Clamp Fat Chance by DKG
Saddle Selle Italia Flite Titanium
Hub front Tune King 15mm
Hub rear Tune Kong 12mm
Rims Ryde Trace Trail 25mm / 28mm
Tubeless Tape Schwalbe
Valves NoTubes universal 35mm
Tire f Onza Canis Skinwall 29×2,25
Tire r Onza Canis Skinwall 29×2,25
axle f NoName
axle r Shimano
brakes f Formula The One
Brakes r Formula The One
Disc f Formula The One 180mm
Disc r Formula The One 160mm
Adapter f Formula
Rear derailleur SRAM X01
Shifter SRAM X01
Cranks SRAM XX1
Chainring Race Face Narrow Wide 32t Sram black
Cassette SRAM X01 10-42t, 11-speed
Chain SRAM X1 HollowPin 11-speed
Pedals Crank Brothers EggBeater 2