A Very Significant Bike.

This post is written by vintage FAT restoration specialist Nick Kazmaier from Commodore Cycles.

We are all familiar with the bikes made by Fat City Cycles. They are without a doubt some of the best designed and best built bikes known to exist. The new Yo Eddy and Slim Chance are no different, taking up where Fat City left off.

What we rarely see are the frames and forks Chris personally made prior to Fat City. That to me gets me excited about this restoration. When you peel away the layers of significance of this frame set you’ll find many layers. This frame was built for Michael Bruhn in the late 1970’s. He and his brother Martin raced on several clubs. At that time, clubs were where you found the fast riders rather than teams like we see today. 

The iconic Connecticut Yankee Cycling club invited Michael and his brother Martin to join in 1977 (with racers like Esther Salmi, Lans Christensen and Richard Sachs). This bike has traveled the world racing in road cycling’s top tiered events alongside iconic bike brands of the day such as Colnago and Pinarello. 

I‘m happy to be only the second owner of this bike after purchasing it from Mr. Bruhn. I will preserve the story to remain with the finished bike. This is a part of FAT history, -as well as Competitive Cycling History. Pure Americana.

Pictured here are the “before” pictures for a reference point. My intent is to preserve every ounce of original patina. Yes, the paint, scratches, dings and that unsightly dent in the top tube is staying. The frame is only original once. I do plan on removing the rust that has settled on the tubes. As much as I’d love to test my refinishing skills on this bike, the original paint is too significant. The build will consist of a Campagnolo Super Record group of components. I have not ironed out the other components yet. I hope to gain info on those parts in the future.

Please stay tuned to my Instagram and Facebook page for the details on the restoration – the finished product will truly be beautiful!   

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